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is "Circles: The Years Keep Rolling By" a 2014 publication or 2015 publication?

Tue, 20 Jan 2015 03:07:08 +0000 (UTC)

<earthfurst [at] yahoo.ca>

Noticed Circles: The Years Keep Rolling
By ( https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item_9216_1294___Circles-The-Years-Keep-Rolling-By-Andrew-French-Scott-Fabianek-S.html  )isn't
in the Ursa Recommended Anthropomorphics List.
 Am wondering which year should be considered its publication date (in terms of
what Ursa list and Ursa awards it should be considered for)
The webpage above says "Publication Date: December 2014",
***short version of below: got printed in December? and started to ship in
early January?
***longer version:
but Dec27 blog http://blog.rabbitvalley.com/rabbit-valley-weekly-update-9/says
"will ship on or around January 8, 2015."
The first blog post of 2015 (Jan5
post)http://blog.rabbitvalley.com/rabbit-valley-week-in-review/says "We’ve
successfully shipped out the first batch of the new Circles book and will ship
out the rest of the preorders this week when the inventory arrives from the
printer. We expect to have all the preorders placed before Monday, January
5th " 
truly, EarthFurst

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