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Nominations for the 2022 Awards concluded as of 11 February 2023.


Voting for the 2022 Ursa Major Awards concluded as of March 31, 2023.

The winners will be announced in a special video presentation approximately a month after close of voting.


The 2022 Nominees (in alphabetical order)

Best Motion Picture
Live-action or animated feature-length movies.

DC League of Super-Pets (Directed by Jared Stern and Sam Levin; July 29)
Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (Directed by Joel Crawford and Januel Mercado; December 21)
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Directed by Jeff Fowler; April 8)
The Bad Guys (Directed by Pierre Perifel; April 22)
Turning Red (Directed by Domee Shi; March 11)

Best Dramatic Short Work
One-shots, advertisements or short videos.

Horns (Directed by FattyDragonite; December 9)
The Legend of Pipi (Directed by Julia Schoel and Birgit Uhlig; Jul 16)
Monkey Wrench - The Ghost Egg (Directed by Joshua Palmer; Jul 18)
Tales From Scorchwater Valley - The Rhino and the Redbill (Directed by Alex Henderson; February 15)
Tales of Zale - Flickering Lights (Directed by Sif Savery; September 7)

Best Dramatic Series
TV or YouTube series videos.

Bluey (Created by Joe Brumm; Season 3 (Part 2))
Helluva Boss (Directed by Vivienne "VivziePop" Medrano; Season 2, "The Circus" and "Seeing Stars")
The Owl House (Created by Dana Terrace; season 2 episode 11 to season 3 episode 1)
Tuca & Bertie (Created by Lisa Hanawalt; Season 3) Mature Audiences.
Zootopia+ (Directed by Trent Correy and Josie Trinidad, Season 1)

Best Novel
Written works of 40,000 words or more. Serialized novels qualify only for the year that the final chapter is published.

A Furry Faux Paw, by Jessica Kara. (Page Street Kids; July 26)
Brothers At Arms (The Zyearth Chronicles Book 2), by R.A. Meenan. (Starcrest Fox Press; February 14)
Mouse Cage, by Malcolm F. Cross. (Fenris Publishing; July 13)
Scars of the Golden Dancer, by NightEyes DaySpring. (Dancing Jackal Books; March 4) Mature Audiences
Toledot (Post-Self #2), by Madison Scott-Clary. (Self; January 21)

Best Short Fiction
Stories less than 40,000 words, poetry, and other short Written works.

Bears & Bravery, by Gre7g Luterman (illustrations by BearHybrid). (The Bear Minimum patreon; April 5)
Draught Horse, by Huskyteer. (ROAR 11; July)
Null, by Elise Zoe Heider. (Google Docs; April 10) Mature Audiences
The Otter's Wings, by Mary E. Lowd. (ShadowSpinners Press; October 15)
The Swift-Footed Darling of the Rocks (Do NOT Actually Call Me That), by Marie Croke. (Zooscape; issue 14)

Best General Literary Work
Story collections, comic collections, graphic novels, and serialized online stories.

Circles: Volume 4, by Andrew French, Scott Fabianek, and Steve Domanski. (Fenris Publishing, collection, Febuary 21)
ROAR: Volume 11, Edited by Ian Madison Keller. (Bad Dog Books, anthology, July 1)
Usagi Yojimbo Origins, by Stan Sakai. (IDW Publishing, trade paperback collection; volume 2 to 4)
Usagi Yojimbo (Trade Paperback), by Stan Sakai. (IDW Publishing, trade paperback collection; Tengu War to Crossroads)
When the World Was Young: A Prehistoric Anthology, edited by Madison Scott-Clary. (The Furry Historical Fiction Society,anthology, December 1

Best Non-Fiction Work

Includes opinion pieces and news articles.

Art, Furries, God, by Patricia Taxxon. (YouTube, video; Jul 6)
Furries & The Ethics of Cringe Culture, by Kurtis Connor. (You Tube, video; September 30)
Furry Fiction: The Squishy Edges and the Heart, by Mary E. Lowd. (Deep Sky Anchor, article, December 5.)
Ursa's Major Issue - Confident self-promotion vs humble passionate skill, and a voting system's favoritism, by Sonious. (Flayrah, article; June 9)
Who Runs The Internet? Furries, by Dylan Reeve. (The Spinoff, article; January 11)

Best Graphic Story
Includes comic books, and serialized online stories.

Slightly Damned, by Chu. (Internet, pages 1038 to 1081)
Sonic the Hedgehog, written by Evan Stanley and Ian Flynn, art by Aaron Hammerstrom, Evan Stanley and Adam Bryce Thomas. (IDW; issues 48 to 55)
Usagi Yojimbo, by Stan Sakai. (IDW Publishing; issues 25 to 31)
Usagi Yojimbo: Lone Goat & Kid, by Stan Sakai. (IDW Publishing; issues 1 to 6)
The Whiteboard: Sherlock Holmes, by Doc N. (Internet, October 3 to December 23)

Best Comic Strip
Newspaper-style strips, including those with ongoing arcs.

Carry On, by Kathy Garrison Kellogg (Internet, January 4 to December 30)
Duncan & Eddie, by Chevril. (Twitter; January 1 to December 26)
Foxes In Love, @foxes_in_love. (Twitter; January 1 to December 21)
Part Time Dragons, by Part Time Dragons. (Internet; Dragon Bite Meat to The Disturbing Side Effects of Immortality)
The Whiteboard, by Doc N. (Internet, January 4 to December 23)

Best Magazine
Edited collections of creative and/or informational works by various people, professional or amateur, published in print or online in written, pictorial or audio-visual form.

Deep Sky Anchor, edited by Mary E. Lowd. (Internet; May to December)
Dogpatch Press, edited by Patch Packrat. (Internet; January 12 to September 30)
Flayrah, edited by GreenReaper, Sonious, and Dronon (Internet; January 1 to December 29)
InFurNation, edited by Rod O'Riley. (Internet; January 1 to December 30)
Zooscape, edited by Mary E. Lowd (Internet; Issue 14 to 16)

Best Illustration
Illustrations for books, magazines, convention program books, cover art for such, T-shirts, coffee-table portfolios.

• Ais05, Dragon Party, (Twitter, October 18)
• Caraid, Jedit Ojanen, Mercenary, (Twitter, August 18)
• Jacato, Wind Watcher (Twitter, March 3)
• Wildering, Space Boy, (Twitter, December 1)

Best Game
Computer or console games, role-playing games, board games.

Cult of the Lamb (Developer: Massive Monster, Publisher: Devolver Digital; Aug 11)
Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series (Developer: Monkey Craft, Publisher: Bandai Namco; July 8)
Lookouts (Developer: ParanoidHawk and ColDoggo, Publisher:; March 31)
Stray (Developer: BlueTwelve Studio, Publisher: Annapurna Interactive; July 19)
Tunic (Developer: Andrew Shouldice, Publisher: Finji; March 16)

Best Website
Online collections of art, stories, and other creative and/or informational works. Includes galleries, story archives, directories, blogs, and personal sites.

e621, Art archive
Fluffle, reverse image search for the furry community
Fur Affinity, Furry art and stories
Kemono Café, Furry webcomic hosting
Wikifur, Furry wiki

Best Anthropomorphic Music

Another Railway Day, by Nonnie, album, November 23.
Can Opener's Notebook: Fish Whisperer, by Vylet Pony. album, Feb 22.
Cute Cervid Vol. 1, by CUTE CERVID (various artists), album, December 2.
idaidaida, by ida deerz. album, June 3.
Visiting Narcissa, by Patricia Taxxon. album, June 3.

Best Anthropomorphic Fursuit

• This category will not be contested this year due to insufficient nominations.


Notice: Kyell Gold has indicated that he wishes to withdraw from consideration for the Novel and Short Story categories until further notice. For full details, please read his blog on Fur Affinity.