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Table of Contents

Purpose of the Recommended Anthropomorphics List
Motion Picture
Dramatic Short Work or Series
Short Fiction
Other Literary Work
Non Fiction Work
Graphic Story
Comic Strip
Published Illustration

TOC     Purpose of the Recommended Anthropomorphics List

This seventeenth annual Recommended Anthropomorphics List has two purposes. Firstly, it is open for all Furry fans to recommend what they consider to be the best anthropomorphic movies, TV series, novels, artwork, games, etc. that they found first published during 2017. It is for fans who want to know what anthropomorphic movies, TV series, novels, etc. others found to be worth looking for. The List is open to anyone to add to, so if you know of any 2017 Furry movies or comic books or comic strips, etc. that you consider worth recommending, please send your recommendations to:


The ALAA reserves the right to exclude from the Recommended Anthropomorphics List, and from contention for an Ursa Major Award, any works it deems to be obscene, libelous, illegal, or otherwise detrimental to the integrity and good standing of the Ursa Major Awards and the anthropomorphics fandom that those awards represent.

All recommendations for 2017 must be received by midnight PST, January 15, 2018.

It would be greatly appreciated if you are able to provide weblinks to your recommendations so that we can correctly add them to the list.

The second purpose is to serve as a guide to which items were produced in 2017, to help fans determine what is eligible to nominate for the year's Ursa Major Awards (to be voted upon in 2018). Note: Recommendation of items to this list does not constitute nomination for the awards, nor is it a requirement for nomination! Nominations may not be made until January 2018 - check the Nominations page for instructions.

The dividing line in size between Novel and Short Fiction is 40,000 words.

The "Other Literary Work" category is for any literary work that does not fit into the existing written categories, including but not limited to such things as short story and comic strip collections, graphic novels, and non-fiction.

The Published Illustration category is intended for single illustrations only. When multiple illustrations exist in the same story/book be careful to identify exactly which illustration you mean. Should you wish to recommend an artist of several illustrations in the same story, none of which stands out above the other, cite the title page or other first illustration.

Recommended Anthropomorphic Miscellany is not matched by a similar category in the Ursa Major Awards. Recommended Miscellany is for those items like the Realm of the Claw action figures that appeared awhile back, or the Cthulhu plush dolls that do not fit into any of the existing categories, but are too good to be ignored.

Fursuit performances qualify under "Dramatic Short Work or Series", preferably in recorded form, or as performances which will be repeated.

Fursuit is an Award category with special requirements. Due to the difficulties with administering this category, we will have to ask for extra information and other requirements to accept them into this category. To submit them to the Recommended List we require ALL of the following:

  • Fursuit name
  • Fursuit's maker
  • Fursuit's owner/player (if not the maker)
  • Good quality photograph taken during the eligible year (2017 at present) with permission to publish it
  • Date photograph taken
  • Venue at which the photograph was taken (MUST be at a convention or furmeet where a significant number of people have seen it)

If all details are correctly supplied, the fursuit will be eligible for an Ursa Major Award for that year only. ALL fursuits are eligible for the Recommended List and as a candidate for an Award for ONE YEAR ONLY. When Award nominations are opened in January, all nominees for the Fursuit category must be chosen from those on the Recommended List for the eligible year. The Ursa Major Award will be given to the fursuit maker, not the wearer/performer. Photographs will be published on this website for consideration by the public. You must have the rights to that photo and grant us permission to show it.

This Recommended List is posted at http://www.ursamajorawards.org/. This website includes links to as many as possible of the recommended items that have their own entries on the Internet; so if you want to know more about any of them, you can go right to its site.

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TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Motion Picture

           [Live-action or animated feature-length movies.]

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Directed by James Gunn; May 5)
  2. Despicable Me 3 (Directed by Pierre Coffin, Kyle Balda, and Eric Guillon; June 30)
  3. Ferdinand (Directed by Carlos Saldanha; December15)
  4. Happy Family (Directed by Holger Tappe; August 24)
  5. Kong: Skull Island (Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts; March 10)
  6. The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar (Directed by Howy Parkins; July 29)
  7. Monster Trucks (Directed by Chris Wedge; January 13)
  8. My Little Pony: The Movie (Directed by Jayson Thiessen; October 6)
  9. The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature (Directed by Cal Brunker; August 11)
  10. Paddington 2 (Directed by Paul King; November 9)
  11. Rock Dog (Directed by Ash Brannon; February 24)
  12. Sahara (Directed by Pierre Coré; February 1)
  13. Siêu Mèo Trailer (Directed by Trần Mộc Thắng; July 21)
  14. The Star (Directed by Timothy Reckart; November 17)
  15. Überflieger - Kleine Vögel, großes Geklapper (Directed by Toby Genkel and Reza Memari; February 12)   
  16. War for the Planet of the Apes (Directed by Matt Reeves; July 14)
  17. Woody Woodpecker (Directed by Alex Zamm; October 5)

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Dramatic Short Work or Series

           [TV series or one-shots, advertisements or short videos.]

  1. Adventure Time (Directed by Cole Sanchez, Elizabeth Ito, Adam Muto, and Diana Lafyatis; Season 8 Episode 14 to Season 10 episode 8)
  2. The Amazing World of Gumball (Created by Ben Bocquelet; Season 5 Episode 11 to Episode 40)
  3. The Beach Bears see also here (Directed (and drawn!) by Maxgoof/Max Degroot; Chapters 190 to 204)
  4. Boots (Directed by Larry Huber; November 21)
  5. Bunnicula (Directed by Maxwell Atoms, Ian Wasseluk, Erik Knutson, Matt Whitlock, and Robert F. Hughes, Season 1 Episode 9 to Season 2 Episode 12)
  6. City Dwellers (Directed by Grant Kolton and Rene Vielleux, December 5)
  7. Claw and Order (Byron Howard, Sept 1)
  8. Danger Mouse (Directed by Robert Cullen, Season 2 Episode 1 to Episode 23)
  9. Die Oster-Uberraschung-#DerWahreOsterhase (Director unknown; March 25)
  10. Doodle Toons (by Jack C.; Pilot episode to "Deleted Scene: Fast Food Follies")
  11. Duck Tales (2017 reboot) (Directed by:John Aoshima, Dana Terrace; Season 1 August 12 to December 2)
  12. Happy! (Directed by Brian Taylor and David Petrarca, Episode 1 to 4)
  13. Harvey Beaks (Directed by C.H. Greenblatt, Tyler Chen, Chris Houghton, Ashlyn Anstee, William Reiss, Charlie Gavin, Nicholas Sumida, Wesley Fuh, and Monica Ray; Season 2 Episode 12a to 26)
  14. Here's the Plan (Directed by Fernanda Frick; April 27)
  15. The Highway Rat (Directed by Jeroen Jaspaert; December 25)
  16. Kouka & Bibi (by Dan Variano; January 8)
  17. The Lion Guard (Directed by Howy Parkins and Tom Derosier; Season 1 episode 23 to Season 2 episode 24)
  18. Mascot Fur Life (Directed by Willon Furry; April)
  19. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (Directed by Jim Miller, Tim Stuby, Denny Lu, and Mike Myhre; Season 7 episodes 1 to 26)
  20. OK KO & The Furry Agenda (The Roundtable; Sep 20)
  21. OK K.O! Let's Be Heroes (Directed by Hwang Ki-hoo, Chang-woo Shin, Sunjae Lee, Byungjae Oh, Eunyung Byun, and Sunhung Kim; Season 1 Episode 1 to 42)
  22. Regular Show (Created by J. G. Quintel; Season 8 Episode 26 to Episode 31)
  23. The Summoning (Directed by Natasha Allegri; November 7)
  24. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger (Directed by Teruaki Sugihara, Noboru Takemoto, Takayuki Shibasaki, & Hiroyuki Kato; Season 1 eps 1 to ?)
  25. Unikitty (Directed by Brock Gallagher, Ed Skudder, and Lynn Wang; Season 1 Episode 1 to 43)
  26. We Bare Bears (Directed by Manny Hernandez, Season 2 Episode 24 to Season 3 Episode 36)
  27. Woody Woodpecker "The Bird who Came to Dinner" reanimated (Directed by Ivanildo Soares; October 18) (about this)

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Novel

           [Written works of 40,000 words or more. Serialized novels qualify only for the year that the final chapter is published.]

  1. The Famous Captain Walcott, by Howard L. Anderson. (Author; April 4)
  2. Imperium Lupi, by Adam Browne.  (Dayfly Publications; July 17)   
  3. Fate of Three, by J.F.R. Coates. (Jaffa Books; November 3)
  4. The Secrets of the Kraken, by Grant Cravens. (Amazon Digital Services, July 29)
  5. Quantum Gallop, by Bernard Doove. (Createspace; July 31)
  6. Magnificats: Return of the Demon Wind, by Gwyn Dolyn. (Plowshare Media; January 2)
  7. The Fox of Richmond Park, by Kate Dreyer. (Unbound; July 31)
  8. Always Gray in Winter by Mark Engels (Thurston Howl Publications, August 10)
  9. Mist by Amy Fontaine. (Thurston Howl Publications; September 4)
  10. Fire Branded Leather, by F. Gibbs. (Jaffa Books; February 18) Mature Audiences.
  11. Griffin Ranger.  Book 2, The Monster Lands, by Roz Gibson.  (FurPlanet Productions; August 24)   
  12. Thicket by Terry Michael Gildow (Thurston Howl Publications, June 10)
  13. Otters in Space III: Octopus Ascending, by Mary E Lowd. (FurPlanet Productions; June 30)
  14. The Illusive Chain, by Lurking Wolf. (In The Metamor Keep website; August 26)
  15. reWritten, by Jako Malan (Goal Publications; April 6)
  16. Kismet, by Watts Martin. (FurPlanet Productions; January 12)
  17. Felicia: The Night of the Basquot, by Chas. P. A. Melville. (CreateSpace; September 1)   
  18. Winter's King (The Wings of War book 3), by Bryce O'Connor. (Amazon Digital Services; June 5)
  19. The Forest of Agon, by Duncan Piasecki. (Createspace; February 1)
  20. The Book of Dust Volume One: La Belle Sauvage, by Philip Pullman. (David Fickling Books (UK) and Alfred A. Knopf (US), October 19)
  21. D'Arc, by Robert Repino. (Soho Press; May 9)
  22. The Tail of the Order of the Blue Maiden, by Al Romero. (Hyrax Productions, July 10)
  23. Thousand Tales: Learning to Fly, by Kris Schnee. (CreateSpace; May 5)
  24. The Tower and the Fox, by Tim Susman.  (Argyll Productions; June 30)

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Short Fiction

           [Stories less than 40,000 words, poetry and other short written works.]

  1. Richard Cory, by Tristan Black Wolf.  (In Seven Deadly Sins; Furry Confessions, Thurston Howl Publications; January 8)
  2. Remembrance, by Alice "Huskyteer" Dryden. (in Dogs of War II: Aftermath (FurPlanet Productions; November 30)
  3. Behesht, by Dwale. (Roar vol. 8, Bad Dog Books; June 30)
  4. Hungry by Amy Fontaine (Fossil Lake IV: Sharkasaurus!, Sabledrake Enterprises; April 17)
  5. The Moon Fox by Amy Fontaine (Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores; November 29)
  6. When Pigs Fly by Amy Fontaine (ROAR vol. 8, Bad Dog Books; June 30)
  7. Didus ineptus Linnaeus, by Roz Gibson. (In Symbol of a Nation, Goal Publications; June 30)
  8. Matriarch: Elephant vs. T-Rex, by Roz Gibson.  (Amazon Digital Services; August 13)
  9. Succession, by Devon Hallsworth. (In Dogs of War, FurPlanet Productions; January 12)
  10. Ridge Outpost, by Introvert_wolf. (Crosstime Café; September 14)
  11. Furry Travel Authority, by Kilted Jackalope. (In Further Confusion 2017 Convention Book and Travelogue, January 12)
  12. The Day the Music Died, by Billy Leigh (In Typewriter Emergencies: A Journal of Furry Lit; May)
  13. An Aldebaran Sugar Cookie for Star Shaker by Mary E. Lowd. (In Fantasia Divinity Magazine; May)
  14. The Best and Worst of Worlds, by Mary E. Lowd. (In Dogs of War; January 12)
  15. Chestnut Wish, by Mary E. Lowd. (In Typewriter Emergencies, Volume 2; December)
  16. Crescent Horns and Tall Ears, by Mary E. Lowd. (Daily Science Fiction; September)
  17. The Crowds on Crossroads Station, by Mary E. Lowd. (Daily Science Fiction; July)  
  18. Elephantine Daydream, by Mary E. Lowd. (Fantasia Divinity Magazine; July)
  19. Galaxy Shaker and the Celestial Rainbow Dragon, by Mary E. Lowd. (Every Day Fiction; June)  
  20. Hidden Intentions, by Mary E. Lowd. (In Analog, March)
  21. Inalienable Rights, by Mary E. Lowd. (Daily Science Fiction; August)
  22. Many Tiny Feet, by Mary E. Lowd. (New Myths; September)
  23. The Moon Like an Unhatched Egg, by Mary E. Lowd. (In Symbol of a Nation; June 30)
  24. Moon Dust, by Mary E. Lowd. (In Werewolves Versus Fascism; May)
  25. One Alien's Wings, by Mary E. Lowd. (Empyreome, September)
  26. One Alien's Wreckage, by Mary E. Lowd. (Daily Science Fiction; June) 
  27. Principles Over Profit, by Mary E. Lowd. Daily Science Fiction; August)
  28. Sky River, by Mary E. Lowd. Theme of Absence; July)
  29. Treasure Moon, by Mary E. Lowd. (In Fantasia Divinity Magazine, Issue 17; December)
  30. True Feast, by Mary E. Lowd. (In Typewriter Emergencies: A Journal of Furry Lit; May)
  31. The Unification of Worlds, by Mary E. Lowd. (Arcana: A Tarot Anthology; November 9)
  32. Nosy and Wolf, by Ken MacGregor. (In Dogs of War, FurPlanet Productions; January 12)
  33. The Savage Caravan, by Jako Malan. (Passing Through; September 15) 
  34. Lieutenant Kruger And The Mistress Jade Trophy Game by Nightstar. (Crosstime Café; October 5)
  35. Seed of a Doubt, by Frances Pauli. (in Passing Through: Tails from the Road; September 15)
  36. Red Engines, by Kris Schnee. (in Dogs of War II: Aftermath (FurPlanet Productions; November 30) 
  37. First Time Ain't Easy, by Tyson West (In Passing Through: Tails from the Road; September 15)
  38. Hoodies and Horses, by Michael D. Winkle. (in Dogs of War, FurPlanet Productions; January 12)

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Other Literary Work

           [Story collections, comic collections, graphic novels, and convention program books.]

  1. Civilized Beasts Volume II, edited by Laura "Munchkin" Govednik. (Weasel Press, poetry anthology, August 8)
  2. Species: Wolves, edited by Thurston Howl. (Thurston Howl Publications, anthology, September 27)
  3. ROAR vol. 8, edited by Mary E. Lowd. (Bad Dog Books, June 30)
  4. Bleak Horizons, ed. Tarl "Voice" Hoch. (Furplanet, anthology, February)
  5. Dogs of War, edited by Fred Patten. (FurPlanet Publications, anthology, January 12)
  6. Symbol of a Nation, edited by Fred Patten. (Goal Publications, anthology, June 30)
  7. Intimate Little Secrets, by Rechan, (FurPlanet Publications, collection, March 24) Mature Audiences.
  8. Arcana: A Tarot Anthology, edited by Madison Scott-Clary. (Thurston Howl Publications, anthology, November 9)
  9. Passing Through: Tails from the Road, edited by Weasel. (Weasel Press, anthology, Septenber 15)
  10. Jazz at the End of the Night, by Weasel. (WZL Productions, short story collection, December 5) Mature Audiences.

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Non Fiction Work

  1. The Epic of Redwall [shortened cut] (Culturally F'd, video; episode 47, April 14)
  2. Furries Among Us 2, edited by Thurston Howl. (Thurston Howl Productions, essay collection, August 18)
  3. Furries Crossing the Mainstreams, by Rooview. (You Tube, video; August 6)
  4. Furry Fandom Conventions, 1989-2015, by Fred Patten. (Publisher: McFarland & Co., book; January 3)
  5. Furry Nation, by Joe Strike. (Cleis Press, book; October 10) 
  6. Midwest FurFest usurps Anthrocon's record and becomes the world's largest furry convention, by Sonious. (Flayrah, article, December 3)
  7. Redwalls Epic History *Extended Edition* (Culturally F'd, video; episode 47,  August 17)
  8. RIP Furry Fandom?, by Rooview. (You Tube, video; September 24)
  9. Rocket Raccoons Animal Contact List (Culturally F'd, video; episode 48, May 5)
  10. Rooview - 3 Ursa Major-ly Painful Victories, by Rooview. (You Tube, video; April 23)
  11. The Shocking Furry Fandom Conversation. Yes, Really! , by Stefan Molyneux. (You Tube, video; October 16)
  12. Star Fox Fanon: Metal Legs, Krystal's Booty, Falcon/Pheasant (Culturally F'd, video; episode 54, August 24)
  13. Zootopia's Oscar Win, by Rooview. (You Tube, video; March 10)

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Graphic Story

           [Includes comic books and serialized online stories.]

  1. A&H Club, by Rick Griffin. (Internet; January 7 to November 25) 
  2. Animal Noir, by Juren and Lunacek. (Publisher: ICW, Issue 1 to 4)
  3. Beyond the Western Deep, by Alex Kain and Rachel Bennett. (Internet; January 7 to December 30)
  4. Endtown, by Aaron Neathery. (Internet; January 2 to December 25)
  5. Freefall, by Mark Stanley. (Internet; January 2 to December 29)
  6. The Holy Man (Omega Alliance book 3), by N. "Karmakat" Franzetti. (Rabbit Valley; May)
  7. Kat-Venture and the Pursuit of the Elements by Mark A. Smith and David Whamond. (Lulu; September 5)
  8. Lackadaisy, by Tracy J. Butler. (Internet; Lackadaisy Gimmickry to Lackadaisy Deliria)
  9. The Probability Bomb, by Ralph Hayes, Jr. (Internet, May 9 to December 27)
  10. Professor Amazing and the Incredible Golden Fox, by John Prengaman, Jr. (Internet; January 6 to December 22)
  11. Scurry, by Mac Smith. (Internet, page 81 to page 131)
  12. The Sprawl, by Drawholic. (Internet; Log 4: 005 to Log 4:053)
  13. Spy Seal, by Rich Tommaso. (Image Comics; Issue 1 to 4)
  14. The Suburban Jungle: Rough Housing, by John Robey. (Internet, January 2 to December 25)
  15. Swords and Sausages, by Jan. (Internet; January 8 to December 17)
  16. The Tale of Jasper Gold, by Jamil Gonzalez. (Internet, January 9 to November 27)
  17. Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes, by Tim Seeley/David Walker/Fernando Dagnino (Dark Horse Comics, Issue 5)
  18. Twin Dragons, by Robin Dassen. (Internet, January 2 to December 25)
  19. TwoKinds, by Tom Fischbach.  (Internet; January 5 to December 28) 
  20. Urgent Transformation Crisis, by Jim Whaley (Internet, January 15 to December 24)

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Comic Strip

           [For newspaper-style strips, including those with ongoing arcs.]

(Note - The Belfry contains links to a wide variety of on-line comics including many Furry ones.)

  1. Bug Martini, by Adam Huber (Internet, January 2 to December 31)
  2. Carry On, by K. Garrison. (Internet, January 1 to December 29)
  3. Cornflake and Aloisius, by Dan Variano. (Internet, January 20)
  4. Doc Rat, by Jenner. (Internet, January 4 to December 29)
  5. Dox 'nd George, by Dan Variano. (Internet, January 30 to November 20)
  6. The Gamer Cat, by Samantha Whitten. (Internet, January 2 to December 24)
  7. Housepets!, by Rick Griffin (Internet, January 2 to December 29)
  8. Hudson City Health Club, by Dan Variano; (Internet, April 10 to December 31)
  9. Nine to Nine, by Jan. (Internet, January 26 to December 24)
  10. Phoebe and Her Unicorn, by Dana Simpson. (Internet, January 1 to December 31)
  11. Schlock Mercenary, by Howard Taylor. (Internet, January 1 to December 31)
  12. Transmission, by Mark A. Smith. (Internet, January 2 to December 26)
  13. Two Lumps, by J. Grant and Mel Hynes. (Internet, January 2 to December 29)
  14. Vicki Fox, by Michael Russell and Jan. (Internet, January 1 to 17)
  15. Woodsboro, by Dan Variano. (Internet, March 6 to December 24)

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Magazine

           [Edited collections of creative and/or informational works by various people, professional or amateur, published in print or online in written, pictorial or audio-visual form.]

  1. Dogpatch Press, edited by Patch Packrat. (Internet; January 5 to December 25)
  2. FurryFandom.es, edited by Mike Retriever  (February 19 to October 9)
  3. Flayrah, edited by Dronon. (Internet; January 1 to December 30)
  4. Typewriter Emergencies: A Journal of Furry Lit, edited by Weasel. (Weasel Press, May)

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Published Illustration

           [Illustrations for books, magazines, convention program books, cover art for such, coffee table portfolios.]

  1. Bone, cover for Always Gray in Winter, by Mark J. Engels (Thurston Howl Publications), August 10.
  2. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, aroo, May 13.
  3. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, baa, May 30.
  4. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, Bellybutton's failed catchphrase, February 5.
  5. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, Berry pickin', February 5.
  6. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, Bugs, March 17.
  7. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, buns, June 6.
  8. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, Cartoon violence, September 16..
  9. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, Cruncher Sez, May 13..
  10. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, Dead, September 6.
  11. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, Doodle Toons illo, September 1.
  12. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, Doodle Tunes poster, September 6.
  13. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, dunno what to name this, January 20..
  14. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, Fester, April 16.
  15. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, From the vaults, November 1.
  16. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, Girl Scouts, September 22.
  17. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, good heavens, March 26.
  18. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, hubba hubba, August 12.
  19. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, Jealousy, March 27.
  20. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, Lovebunnies, January 21.
  21. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, Off model, February 25.
  22. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, o geez, April 30.
  23. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, oh boy, December 17.
  24. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, Ohhhh..., October 14.
  25. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, ooooo, April 18.
  26. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, phfpthf, April 7.
  27. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, Popping the question, February 21.
  28. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, Shirley Live, September 25.
  29. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, squishy head, April 20.
  30. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, suave, May 10.
  31. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, the not-quite-as-old days, August 25.
  32. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, the old days, August 25.
  33. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, they like you, August 9.
  34. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, Through the years, September 12.
  35. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, Through the years 2, October 2.
  36. Jack C ALA SomeDoodNamedJack, what a cute couple, November 4
  37. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, What's cookin', November 16.
  38. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, whoa ho ho ho, December 23.
  39. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, workout, April 22.
  40. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack, Ya wanted EXTRA NUTS with your sundae?!!, October 1.
  41. Jack C. AKA SomeDoodNamedJack,YOU ARE SO FLUFFYYYY, January 5.
  42. Joseph Chou, cover for Gathering Storms, by Stephen Coghlan (Thurston Howl Publications) March 31.
  43. Joseph Chou, cover for Seven Deadly Sins; Furry Confessions, ed. by Thurston Howl (Thurston Howl Publications) January 8.
  44. Sam Chung, cover for D'Arc by Robert Repino (Soho Press), May 9.  
  45. Gwyn Dolyn, cover of Magnificats: Return of the Demon Wind (Plowshare Media); January 2.
  46. Gamutfeathers AC, Baseball Lion, cover for Anthrocon 2017 conbook, June 29.
  47. Ashley Foy AKA TheCynicalHound, Cynic In The Fall, August 20.
  48. Ashley Foy AKA TheCynicalHound, Valentine's Gifts, February 14,
  49. Ashley Foy AKA TheCynicalHound, What A Beautiful View, April 22.
  50. Teagan Gavet, wraparound cover of Dogs of War, edited by Fred Patten. (FurPlanet Productions), January 12
  51. Teagan Gavet, wraparound cover for Dogs of War II: Aftermath (FurPlanet Productions, November 30)   
  52. Teagan Gavet, cover for Kismet by Watts Martin (FurPlanet Productions), January 12.
  53. Teagan Gavet, wraparound cover of ROARvol. 8, edited by Mary E. Lowd. (Bad Dog Books, June 30)
  54. Idess, wraparound cover for Otters In Space 3: Octopus Ascending by Mary E. Lowd (FurPlanet Productions), June 30.
  55. Kappy, cover for Bleak Horizons, ed. by Tarl Hoch (FurPlanet Productions), March 24.
  56. David Lillie, cover for The Wayward Astronomer, by Geoffrey Thomas (Corvus Publishing), May 9.
  57. Wolfie Nail, cover for Confurgence 2017 conbook, January 6.
  58. Boris Nikolic, cover for Zeta Hack: A Paranormal Space Opera Adventure, by Michael-Scott Earle (CreateSpace) June 25.
  59. SelkieGal, illo for Midwest FurFest usurps Anthrocon's record and becomes the world's largest furry convention article in Flayrah, December 3.

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Game

           [Computer or console games, role-playing games, board games.]

  1. Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back (Developer: Black Forest Games, Publishers: Tommo Inc., UFO Interactive Games, September
  2. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (complete remastered version) (Sony Computer; June 30)
  3. Cuphead (Developer and Publisher: StudioMDHR Entertainment, September 29)
  4. FightN' Rage (Developer: sebagamesdev, Publisher: Steam, September 19)
  5. Injustice 2 (Because of Gorilla Grodd and Cheetah) (Developer: NetherRealm Studios, Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment; May 16, 2017)
  6. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Developer and Publisher: Nintendo, March 3)
  7. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite (Because of Rocket Racoon) (Developer and Publisher: Capcom, September 19)
  8. Night in the Woods (Developer: Infinite Fall, Publisher: Finji; February 21)
  9. Rain World (Developers: Videocult; March 28)
  10. Sandra and Woo in the Cursed Adventure (Developer & Publisher: Feline Fuelled Games, May 5)
  11. Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom (Developer: Enigami, Publisher: Focus Home Interactive; April 18)
  12. Snake Pass (Developer and Publisher: Sumo Digital; March 28)
  13. Sonic Forces (Developer: Sonic Team, Publisher: Sega, November 7)
  14. Sonic Mania (Developer: PagodaWest Games and Headcannon, Publisher: Sega, August 15)
  15. Star Fox 2 (Developer: Nintendo and Argonaut Games, Publisher: Nintendo; September 29)
  16. Tooth and Tail (Developer and Publsiher: Pocketwatch Games; September 12)
  17. Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (Developer: Lizardcube, Publisher: DotEmu; April 18)
  18. Yooka-Laylee (Developers: Playtonic Games; April 11)

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Website

           [Online collections of art, stories, and other creative and/or informational works. Includes galleries, story archives, directories, blogs, and personal sites.]

  1. The Cross Time Café, forum for comic discussions (including many on the Recommended List)
  2. E621.net, art, discussion etc.
  3. The Furry Writers' Guild, "Supporting, informing, elevating, and promoting quality anthropomorphic fiction and its creators."

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Fursuit

  1. Archantael, Fursuit Maker: Hugo Jackson (a.k.a. BritFang Cosplay), Owner/Player: Hugo Jackson, Venue: Raleigh Supercon, Date photo taken: Friday July 14th 2017, photo-1, photo-2, photo-3

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Miscellany