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Table of Contents

Purpose of the Recommended Anthropomorphics List
Motion Picture
Dramatic Short Work
Dramatic Series
Short Fiction
Other Literary Work
Non Fiction Work
Graphic Story
Comic Strip
Published Illustration

TOC     Purpose of the Recommended Anthropomorphics List

This twentieth annual Recommended Anthropomorphics List has two purposes. Firstly, it is open for all Furry fans to recommend what they consider to be the best anthropomorphic movies, TV series, novels, artwork, games, etc. that they found first published during 2020. It is for fans who want to know what anthropomorphic movies, TV series, novels, etc. others found to be worth looking for. The List is open to anyone to add to, so if you know of any 2020 Furry movies or comic books or comic strips, etc. that you consider worth recommending, please send your recommendations to:


The ALAA reserves the right to exclude from the Recommended Anthropomorphics List, and from contention for an Ursa Major Award, any works it deems to be obscene, libelous, illegal, or otherwise detrimental to the integrity and good standing of the Ursa Major Awards and the anthropomorphics fandom that those awards represent.

All recommendations for 2020 must be received by midnight PST, January 10, 2021.

It would be greatly appreciated if you are able to provide weblinks to your recommendations so that we can correctly add them to the list.

The second purpose is to serve as a guide to which items were produced in 2020, to help fans determine what is eligible to nominate for the year's Ursa Major Awards (to be voted upon in 2021). Note: Recommendation of items to this list does not constitute nomination for the awards, nor is it a requirement for nomination! Nominations may not be made until January 2021 - check the Nominations page for instructions.

The dividing line in size between Novel and Short Fiction is 40,000 words.

The "Other Literary Work" category is for any literary work that does not fit into the existing written categories, including but not limited to such things as short story and comic strip collections, and graphic novels.

The Published Illustration category is intended for single illustrations only. When multiple illustrations exist in the same story/book be careful to identify exactly which illustration you mean. Should you wish to recommend an artist of several illustrations in the same story, none of which stands out above the other, cite the title page or other first illustration.

Recommended Anthropomorphic Miscellany is not matched by a similar category in the Ursa Major Awards. Recommended Miscellany is for those items like the Realm of the Claw action figures that appeared awhile back, or the Cthulhu plush dolls that do not fit into any of the existing categories, but are too good to be ignored.

Fursuit performances qualify under "Dramatic Short Work or Series", preferably in recorded form, or as performances which will be repeated.

Fursuit is an Award category with special requirements. Due to the difficulties with administering this category, we will have to ask for extra information and other requirements to accept them into this category. To submit them to the Recommended List we require ALL of the following:

  • Fursuit name
  • Fursuit's maker
  • Fursuit's owner/player (if not the maker)
  • Good quality photograph taken during the eligible year (2020 at present) with permission to publish it if it is not already available on line.
  • Date photograph taken
  • Venue at which the photograph was taken. NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down conventions and furmeets, online presentations will be accepted this year.

If all details are correctly supplied, the fursuit will be eligible for an Ursa Major Award for that year only. ALL fursuits are eligible for the Recommended List and as a candidate for an Award for ONE YEAR ONLY. When Award nominations are opened in January, all nominees for the Fursuit category must be chosen from those on the Recommended List for the eligible year. The Ursa Major Award will be given to the fursuit maker, not the wearer/performer. Photographs will be published on this website for consideration by the public. You must have the rights to that photo and grant us permission to show it. NOTE: An Award will only be presented if there are sufficient recommendations to proceed with it.

This Recommended List is posted at https://ursamajorawards.org/. This website includes links to as many as possible of the recommended items that have their own entries on the Internet; so if you want to know more about any of them, you can go right to its site.

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TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Motion Picture

           [Live-action or animated feature-length movies.]

  1. Adventures of Rufus: The Fantastic Pet (Directed by Ryan Bellgardt, May 26)
  2. Animal Crackers (Directed by Tony Bancroft and Scott Christian Sava; July 24)
  3. The Call of the Wild (Directed by Chris Sanders; February 21)
  4. The Croods: A New Age (Directed by Joel Crawford, November 25)
  5. Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna (Directed by Tomohisa Taguchi; February 21)
  6. Dolittle (Directed by Stephen Gaghan; January 17)
  7. Hayop Ka! The Nimfa Dimaano Story (Directed by Avid Liongoren, October 29) Mature Audiences.
  8. Latte and the Magic Waterstone (Directed by Regina Welker and Nina Wels; July 31
  9. The Legend of Hei (Directed by MTJJ; English subbed release; June 2020)
  10. Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born (Directed by Sarah Harper; June 13)
  11. Monster Force Zero (Directed by: Nathan Leteer; October 2)
  12. The One and Only Ivan (Directed by Thea Sharrock; August 21)
  13. Onward (Directed by Dan Scanlon, March 6)
  14. Over the Moon (Directed by Glen Keane; October 23)
  15. The Queen's Corgi (Directed by Vincent Kesteloot and Ben Stassen; January 24)
  16. Scoob! (Directed by Tony Cervone; May 15)
  17. A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (Directed by Will Becher and Richard Phelan; February 14)
  18. Sonic the Hedgehog (Directed by Jeff Fowler; January 25)
  19. Soul (Directed by Pete Docter and Kemp Powers; December 25th)
  20. We Bare Bears: The Movie (Directed by Daniel Chong; June 30)
  21. A Whisker Away (Directed by Junichi Sato and Tomotaka Shibayama; June 18)
  22. The Witches (Directed by Robert Zemeckis; October 22)
  23. Wolfwalkers (Directed by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart; October 26)

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Dramatic Short Work

           [one-shots, advertisements or short videos also specific episodes of series.]

  1. 2020 Ursa Major Awards presentation (Director: Changa Lion; May 26)
  2. Addict (Directed by Vivienne Medrano) Mature Audiences.
  3. After the Rain (Created by Valerian Desterne etc; January 18)
  4. Animaniacs 2020 Trailer (Produced by Steven Spielberg; October 21)
  5. Ask a Cat (Directed by Charles Brubaker; July 16)
  6. Athleticus: The Encounter (Directed by Nicolas Deveaux; November 23)
  7. BEASTARS season 2 creditless opening. (Directed by Shinichi Matsumi; December 21)
  8. Brand New Animal // Complete OC Palette MAP (Organized by Wingedwolf94, July 22)
  9. Burrow (Directed by Madeline Sharafian; December 25)
  10. Cambrian Explosion (Directed by Devon Palmer and Helen Prekker; October 10)
  11. Cassidy Civet dance comp performance at Further Confusion 2020 (Jan 21)
  12. Cassidy Civet's Fuzzy Omegle Weekend series (July 25 episode)
  13. Cat and Kat (Directed by Charles Brubaker; October 20)
  14. The Cat's Apprentice (Director: Molly Hanson, May 8)
  15. Coldplay - Trouble In Town (Directed by Aoife McArdle; March 12)
  16. Colza (Directed by GOBELINs pro; October 1)
  17. Coming Out (directed by Cressa Maeve Beer; June 26)
  18. Coyote (Directed by Lorenz Wunderle; May 6)
  19. Furovision: Let the Music Never Stop! (Directed by VulpesVant; February 22)
  20. Furry Memes except it's 6:21 (Directed by Furry Memes, December 11)
  21. Greek Fire, by Cassidy Civet featuring Paco Panda & Koidel Coyote at Further Confusion 2020 (January 21)
  22. Helluva Boss: S1E1 - "Murder Family (Directed by Vivienne Medrano; Oct 31) Mature Audiences.
  23. The Humiliation of Jinjur Maiham by The Home Guardsmen (Created by K Garrison; December 30)
  24. I'm Transgender - Coming Out pt. 2 (Directed by Katzun; May 16)
  25. It's A Wonderful Life, Birch Draper (Created by Max Max Degroot; November 27)
  26. La Voix, Cassidy Civet at VancouFur 2020 (March 10)
  27. Leites -Like a human- (Directed by Kei Oikawa, episode 7 of Zenonzard The Animation)
  28. The Little Bird and the Squirrel (Directed by Lena von Döhren; August 1)
  29. Lonewolf (Directed by James Wong; October 5)
  30. L'Trimm - Cars with the Boom (Directed by TootyMcNooty; June 29)
  31. MILLENNIUM HOUR (Directed by DeadlyComics; June 7)
  32. Mystery Skulls Animated - The Future (Directed by Ben Mangum; Oct 31)
  33. Night Runner - Magnum Bullets (Directed by Knights of the Light Table; February 27)
  34. Night Time Remedy (Directed by Jib Kodi, May 8)
  35. Old Crumplecranks (directed by Nico Colaleo; Ollie and Scoops Episode 6:)
  36. Out (directed by Steven Clay Hunter; May 22)
  37. Pokétoon: Chase the Beans (directed by Taku Inoue, June 4)
  38. Raymonde or the Vertical Escape (Directed by Sarah Van Den Boom; March 17) Mature Audiences.
  39. Rules (directed by Luke Bouwhuis/FattyDragonite; May 15)
  40. Run Rudolph Run (Chuck Berry) cover by Cassidy Civet (December 26)
  41. Sakura by Cassidy Civet (June 19)
  42. Sakura, Cassidy Civet at VancouFur 2020 (March 10)
  43. Scarborough Fair (Directed by Imogen Scoppie; April 10)
  44. Super Sobaka - Love (Collaboration via Petrick Studo, see link for details; July 9)
  45. Tails from Planet Symma: The Perfect Gift (Directed by HOwLiNG-MAdFoxHatter; July 31)
  46. Trick Moon (Directed/Storyboarded by Geneva Hodgson, July 21)
  47. The Ultimate "Brother Bear" Recap Cartoon (Directed by Cas van de Pol & Lukas Kozuki; September 30) Mature Audiences.
  48. Wolfwalkers: Legendary Prologue trailer (Apple TV; October 29)
  49. The Wonderful Wingits (Created by Leticia Abreu Silva; July 20)
  50. ZooPhobia - "Bad Luck Jack" (directed by Vivienne Medrano; September 30)

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Dramatic Series

           [Video series]

  1. Aggretsuko (Directed by Rarecho, Season 3 episode 1, August 27)
  2. Amphibia (Created by Matt Braly; season 2, episode 1-11)
  3. Animaniacs (Directed by Scott O'Brien, Katie Rice, Adriel Garcia, Brett Varon, and Erik Knutson; episodes 1-13, November 20)
  4. Beastars (Directed by Shinichi Matsumi ;Season 1 Epsiode 1 to 12 USA Release English Dub)
  5. Bluey (Directed by Richard Jeffery and Joe Brumm; episode 53 to 104)
  6. BNA: Brand New Animal (Directed by Yoh Yoshinari; Season 1 Episode 1 to 12)
  7. BoJack Horseman (Directed by Peter Merryman; Season 6, episodes 9-16; January 31)
  8. Digimon Adventure episode list (directed by Masato Mitsuka; episode 1-30)
  9. DoroHeDoro (Directed by Yuichiro Hayashi; Season 1 episodes 1-12)
  10. Ducktales (2017 reboot) Season 3 (Exec Producer Matt Youngberg; April 4 to November 30)
  11. Earth To Ned (Created by Brian Henson, Vince Raisa, Joseph Freed, and Allison Berkley; Episode 1 to 10)
  12. Elinor Wonders Why (Created by Jorge Cham and Daniel Whiteson; Episode 1 to 13)
  13. Gleipnir (Directed by Kazuhiro Yoneda, Episodes 1-12)
  14. Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE Season 2 (Directed by Shinya Watada, Episodes 14-26)
  15. Helluva Boss (directed by Vivienne Medrano; Episodes "Murder Family" and "Loo Loo Land", Oct 31 - Dec 9)
  16. Interspecies Reviewers (Directed by Yuki Ogawa, Episodes 1-12) Mature Audiences.
  17. Infinity Train (Storyboarded by Kellye Perdue, etc. episodes 11-30)
  18. Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts (Created by Radford Sechrist; January 14 - October 12)
  19. Looney Tunes Cartoons (Directed by David Gemmill, Ryan Kramer, Kenny Pittenger, Pete Browngardt; Season One; May 27)
  20. Madagascar: A Little Wild (Created by Johanna Stein and Dana Starfield; Season 1 ep 1 to Season 2 ep 1)
  21. Monkie Kid (Directed by Sarah Harper; Season 1, September 13 - October 3)
  22. The Owl House (Created by Diana Terrace, Season 1 episodes 1-19)
  23. Peepoodo and the Super Fuck Friends Season 2 (Directed by Jean-Yves Balak; Season 2 eps 1 to 8) Mature Audiences. (trust me)
  24. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Directed by various; Season 2 episodes 30-37)
  25. Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh (Directed by Seung Hui Son, Episodes 1-12)
  26. Somali and the Forest Spirit (Directed by Kenji Yasuda, Episodes 1-12)
  27. White Cat Legend (Directed by Huai Jiajia; Season One, 12 episodes, April 10 - June 19)

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Novel

           [Written works of 40,000 words or more. Serialized novels qualify only for the year that the final chapter is published.]

  1. Fucked Up, by Damien Ark. (Expat Press; September 30) Mature Audiences.
  2. The City That Barks And Roars by J.T. Bird (9781838047917, August 1)
  3. Disbanded, by Frances Pauli. (Goal Publications; February 2020)
  4. Dogs of Mars: Dog from the Machine, by Adam Browne (Dayfly Publications; January 1)
  5. Further Off the Mark, by Bernard Doove and Jeff Hartt. (Self, February 24)
  6. On The Mark by Bernard Doove & Jeff Hartt. (Self; October 23)
  7. Werewolf's Humanity, by Ezekiel K Huerta. (Wattpad; July 15)
  8. Ruin's Dawn, by Hugo Jackson. (Inspired Quill, April 25)
  9. Ritual of the Ancients, by Ian Madison Keller. (Goal Publications, May 16)
  10. Entanglement Bound (The Entangled Universe Book 1) by Mary E. Lowd (Aethon Books, December)
  11. Queen in the Mud, by Maari (Self, May 1)
  12. Talking Animals, by Joni Murphy (FSG Originals, August 4)
  13. The Wolf's Trail: An Ojibwe Story, Told by Wolves, by Thomas D. Peacock (Holy Cow! Press, June 16)
  14. Safari City, Wendy Wann (March 31)

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Short Fiction

           [Stories less than 40,000 words, poetry and other short written works.]

  1. What Makes a Witch, by Linnea Capps. (Weasel Press, August 18)
  2. Foxing for Pizza, by Nighteyes Dayspring. (The Voice of Dog; August 10) Mature Audiences.
  3. Loving You is Wrong, by Nighteyes Dayspring. (The Voice of Dog; March 17) Mature Audiences.
  4. The Tomb Guardian, by Nighteyes Dayspring. (The Voice of Dog; May 11)
  5. The Female Trackers, by P.C. Hatter. (Byrnas Books; September 21)
  6. The Great Slay, by P.C. Hatter. (Byrnas Books; July 22)
  7. I, the Tribunal, by P.C. Hatter. (Byrnas Books; May 28)
  8. My Claws are Quick, by P.C. Hatter. (Byrnas Books; May 28)
  9. Pet Me Fatal, by P.C. Hatter. (Byrnas Books; August 20)
  10. Retribution is Mine!, by P.C. Hatter. (Byrnas Books; May 28)
  11. A Solitary Evening, by P.C. Hatter. (Byrnas Books; June 22)
  12. The Pine Lesson, by Ian Madison Keller (In The Book of Legends: Tales from the Lands of Ironclaw; 2020)
  13. Stay Dead, by Bill Kieffer. (In Awoo, Who's This? edited by Thurston Howl; May 18)
  14. Catacomb's Orchestra, by Mary E. Lowd. (In Daily Science Fiction; April 15)
  15. Excerpt from Purride and Purrejudice, by Mary E. Lowd. (In Deep Sky Anchor; September)
  16. The Fire In Her Claws, by Mary E. Lowd. (In Daily Science Fiction; April 1)
  17. Fish Heart, by Mary E. Lowd. (In Daily Science Fiction; April 22)
  18. The Fog Comes on Little Cat Feet, by Mary E. Lowd. (In Daily Science Fiction; April 8)
  19. Green Skin Deep, by Mary E. Lowd. (In All Worlds Wayfarer, Issue VI: Autumnal Equinox 2020; September)
  20. Grizzelka's Bridegroom, by Mary E. Lowd. (In The Overcast; February 5)
  21. I Am Mazillion, by Mary E. Lowd. (In All Worlds Wayfarer, Issue IV: Vernal Equinox 2020; March)
  22. Paper Horn, by Mary E. Lowd. (In Daily Science Fiction; September 7)
  23. A Sense of Clarity, by Mary E. Lowd. (In Chrysalis: A Fairy Tale Anthology; February 29)
  24. Somewhere Over the Ocean, by Mary E. Lowd. (In Boldly Going Forward; March 8)
  25. Summer Strawberries, by Mary E. Lowd. (In The Voice of Dog; April 23)
  26. Date Night, by Kayode Lycaon. (The Voice of Dog; November 18) Mature Audiences.
  27. Rightful Salvage, by Frances Pauli. (Goal Publications; August 22)
  28. The Mime He Is A Changeling, by Andrew Ross. (In Xenofilkia 192, page 3863, July 7)
  29. The Award, by Samur_Shalem. (In Archive of Our Own, March 9)
  30. Cover My Ears in Tears, by Samur_Shalem (In Archive of Our Own, March 20)
  31. The Golden Jaguar, by Samur_Shalem (In Archive of Our Own, April 2)
  32. Mind Your Own Business, by Samur_Shalem. (In Archive of Our Own, March 11)
  33. Red List, by Samur_Shalem (In Archive of Our Own, April 17)
  34. Surveillant, by Samur_Shalem (In Archive of Our Own, March 18)
  35. What's It to You If I Love You?, by Samur_Shalem (In Archive of Our Own, March 15)
  36. Soup of the Moment: A Tale of BARSK, by Lawrence M. Schoen. (Paper Golem LLC; September 17)
  37. Water, part 1, part 2, by Utunu. (The Voice of Dog; August 19 and 21)

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Other Literary Work

           [Story collections, comic collections, graphic novels, and convention program books.]

  1. Selections of Anthropomorphic Regalements: Vol 1, ed by KC Alpinus. (Goal Publications, anthology, August 31)
  2. Bush Heroes, by Bush Heroes (many artists). (SFW Sexy Firefighters, art album, March 1)
  3. Blacksad: The Collected Stories, by Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido. (Dark Horse, graphic collection, July 14)
  4. The Voyages of Cinrak the Dapper, A.J. Fitzwater (Queen of Swords Press, short story collection, April 30)
  5. Tales of Hayven Celestia, ed by Rick Griffin and Gre7g Luterman. (Self, anthology, January 4)
  6. I Want You, by Lisa Hanawalt (Drawn and Quarterly, comic series collection, August 18)
  7. The Complete Dragonsbane Saga, by Ian Madison Keller. (Thurston Howl Publications, collection, April 23)
  8. The Postutopian Adventures of Darger and Surplus, by Michael Swanwick (Subterranean Press, April 30)
  9. Difursity: Stories By Furries Of Color, ed by Weasel. (Thurston Howl productions, anthology, August 10)

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Non Fiction Work

           [Includes opinion pieces and news articles.]

  1. 40th anniversary of Animalympics: The "Rocky Horror Show" of furry fandom, by Sy Sable. (Dogpatch Press, article, February 13)
  2. A 1990's fax to troll Confurence shows how long there's been culture war with furry fandom, by Patch O'Furr. (Dogpatch Press, article, July 27)
  3. Animal Impersonators of Vaudeville and Pantomime: call them Paleofurries, by Patch O'Furr. (Dogpatch press, article, May 26)
  4. The BEST and WORST Anthro Movies Tier List, by Saberspark (YouTube, video, June 26)
  5. A brief history of the Cartoon/Fantasy Organization, America's first anime fan club by Sy Sable
  6. Can Being a Furry Protect You from Coronavirus?, by Matt Baume (The Stranger, article, June 24)
  7. Don't Mess With Dogs: A Zoosadist Story (part 1) (part 2), Cecil McFly (Youtube, June 2 to July 9) Mature Audiences.
  8. Dragon Draw: Learn to Paint, Draw and Design Dragons, by Piper Thibodeau (Publisher IMPACT books, book, January 23)
  9. Enraged Furries Make Internet Hell for Rabid Pro-Cop, by Kelly Weill. (The Daily Beast, December 30)
  10. The Fandom: A Furry Documentary, directed by Ash Kreis & Eric Risher (You Tube, video, July 3)
  11. From Paw to Print: Essays About Writing in the Furry Fandom, compiled by Thurston Howl. (Thurston Howl productions, essay compilation, June 1)
  12. Furries Among Us 3, Compiled by Thurston Howl. (Thurston Howl Publications, furry essays, 2020)
  13. The Furries Are On to Something, (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee featurette.)
  14. The Fursuit of Happiness, by Hussein Kesvani (MEL Magazine, article, March 6)
  15. Furries support independent art with $14,000 and $15,600 fursuit auctions at The Dealers Den, by Patch O'Furr. (Dogpatch Press, article, August 21)
  16. Gathering Safely in a Pandemic, by Bravado. (You Tube, video, July 14)
  17. A group of 'furries' stopped a domestic violence assault and helped police make the arrest, by Alaa Elassar. (CNN, article, January 21)
  18. How the Furries Fought the Nazis and Won Part 1, Part 2 Worst Year Ever podcast episode
  19. Joe Biden will bring furries back to the White House, by Patch O'Furr. (Dogpatch Press, article, November 9)
  20. John Oliver's Last Week Tonight: Rat Erotica episode, by John Oliver. (Tonight With John Oliver, TV, March 30)
  21. John Oliver's Last Week Tonight: Knotted Otter Cock episode, by Patch O'Furr. (Dogpatch Press, article, July 7)
  22. The Last Bronycon: a fandom autopsy, by Jenny Nicholson (YouTube, video, July 21)
  23. Looney Tunes gets a reboot: How an iconic cartoon forged a wacky and lovable side of the furry fandom (3 Parts), by Rocky Coyote. (Dogpatch Press, articles, June 19, 22 and 23)
  24. Meet The Portland Sleestak. (The Oregonian, interview, August 27)
  25. SCADfurs: These furry animation students will make shows you love one day, by Patch O'Furr. (Dogpatch Press, article, January 15)
  26. SFWA: #DisneyMustPay Alan Dean Foster, by Mary Robinette Kowal. (SFWA.org, article, November 18)
  27. A Secret Weapon of the Progressive Left: Furries, Nastia Voynovskaya. (KQED, article, Febuary 28)
  28. Terror, Teens, and Furaffinity - How a chain of violent hate incidents links to furry fandom, by Patch O'Furr. (Dogpatch Press, article, April 14)
  29. The True Story Behind 'Last Week Tonight's' Rat Erotica Painting, Andrew Whalen. (Newsweek, article, March 30)
  30. Unearthing a cool fossil - A 1980's letter shows furry fandom before the net, by Patch O'Furr. (Dogpatch Press, article, March 12)
  31. What the HELL is Father of the Pride?, by Saberspark (YouTube, video, January 24)
  32. What's life like for a teenage LGBT furry fan in Iran?, by Patch O'Furr. (Dogpatch Press, article, January 21)
  33. YMS: Kimba the White Lion, by YourMovieSucksDOTorg (You Tube, video, May 27)

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Graphic Story

           [Includes comic books and serialized online stories.]

  1. A&H Club, by Rick Griffin. (Internet, January 24 to December 12)
  2. Addictive Science,by Cervelet (Internet; January 1 to September 2)
  3. Aggretsuko: Metal to the Max, by Daniel Barnes. (Oni Press, September 8)
  4. Animorphics the Graphic Novel: Invasion, by K.A. Applegate, Michael Grant, and Chris Grine. (Graphix, October 6)
  5. Beastars, by Paru Itagaki. (Viz Media and Weekly Shonen Champion, Volume 4 to 8)
  6. Bethellium by ABlueDeer (Internet; January 17 to December 25)
  7. Crimson Flag, by Virmir. (Internet, pages 558 to 609)
  8. The Cyantian Chronicles, by Tiffany Ross. (Internet, January 1 to December 9)
  9. DMFA, by Amber M. Williams. (Internet, #1961 to 2025)
  10. Dolmistaka, by Angusburgers (Internet, page 6 to 69)
  11. Endtown, by Aaron Neathery. (Internet, January 1 to December 28)
  12. The Eye of Ramalach by Avencri (Internet January 15 to July 28)
  13. Fate, by Andrea West. (Internet; Page 178 to Journal entry 15-2))
  14. Felicia, Sorceress of Katara, by Chas PA Melville. (ComicFury, Page 347 to 370)
  15. Flower Knight Dakini, by Sho Shibamoto. (Kindle Direct, Ch.11 to 12)
  16. The Fuzzy Princess, by Charles Brubaker. (Internet, January 1 - December 28)
  17. Galactic Dragons, by Dana Atnip. (Internet, January 1 to December 23)
  18. The Humanthro Condition, by Rennon the Shaved. (Furaffinity, pages 159 to 241)
  19. IM: Great Priest Imhotep, by Makoto Morishita, (Yen Press and Square Enix, Volumes 1-11)
  20. Isla Aukate, by Foxenawolf (Internet, January 1 to December 31)
  21. Knighthood by Chalo and Curran (Internet; January 1 to December 2)  
  22. Knuckle Up, by Mastergodai and Ustudios. (Internet; February 1 to December 25)
  23. Las Lindas, by Chalo and SK. (Internet; January 1 to December 20)
  24. Legoshi Enters a Diner, by Hladilnik/Stedilnik. (Twitter, April 4 to May 17)
  25. Megg, Mogg and Owl: Crisis Zone, by Simon Hanselmann. (Instagram, March 13 to December 31) Mature Audiences.
  26. Moonlace by ABlueDeer. (Internet; February 1 to December 11)
  27. My Boyfriend Turned Into a Dinosaur, by RLPicardo Q (Webtoons, Episode 11 to 140)
  28. My Little Pony/Transformers: Friendship in Disguise, edited by Megan Brown.(IDW Publishing, Issues 1 to 4)
  29. Misty the Mouse, by DutchMouse. (Internet, January 5 to December 28)
  30. NonPack, by Red Rangy. (Internet, January 1 to December 23)
  31. Oren's Forge, by Teagan Gavet. (Tapas, pages 112 to 161)
  32. Pistouvi, by Merwan and Bertrand Gatignol. (Magnetic Press, November 10)
  33. Post-Fable, by Trigaroo (FurAffinity, chapter 1 p 12 to 30) Mature Audiences.
  34. Rascals, by Mastergodai. (Internet; January 7 to #582)
  35. Sandra and Woo, by Powree and Oliver Knörzer (Internet, January 3 to December 24)
  36. Schlock Mercenary, by Howard Taylor. (Internet, January 1 to July 24)
  37. Scurry, by Mac Smith. (Internet, January 2 to April 2)
  38. Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san, also by Rimukoro. (Comic Newtype, Ch.47 to 63 + standalone Volumes 6 to 7)
  39. Sonic the Hedgehog, by Ian Flynn and Evan Stanley. (issues 25 to 38)
  40. Sonic The Hedgehog, Vol. 7: All or Nothing, by Ian Flynn. (IDW publishing, December 8)
  41. A Star from the Other Side, by Daniel Konczyk. (Internet, July 9 to December 26)
  42. Starchild, by Leo. (Internet, Chapter 1 page 1 to 49)
  43. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, by Sophie Campbell (IDW Publishing, issues #101 - 112)
  44. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Jennika, by Brahm Revel (IDW Publishing, issues #1 to #3)
  45. Trazos (English edition) by Fernanda Frick H. (Gumroad, January 22)
  46. Umma's Table, by Yeon-sik Hong. (Drawn and Quarterly, April 7)
  47. Wazawai Kitsune No Kuzurechan, by Ukan Muri. (Comic Ryu, October 13)
  48. World of Ruan, by Kalli. (Internet; January 4 to December 24)

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Comic Strip

           [For newspaper-style strips, including those with ongoing arcs.]

(Note - The Belfry contains links to a wide variety of on-line comics including many Furry ones.)

  1. Awoo! by AC Stuart. (Instagram; January 8 to December 30)
  2. Buddy Gator, by Chow Hon Lam. (Internet, August 13 to December 31)
  3. Carry On, by K. Garrison. (Internet, January 1 to December 31)
  4. Crumb, by David Fletcher. (GoComics, January 1 to December 31)
  5. Doc Rat, by Jenner. (Internet, January 6 to December 31)
  6. Faux Pas, by Robert and Margaret Carspecken. (Internet, Panel 2321 to 2448)
  7. Foxes in Love, by @foxes_in_love. (Twitter, January 2 to December 31)
  8. Freefall, by Mark Stanley. (Internet, January 1 to December 30)
  9. Gamer Dragons by Robin Dassin. (June 19 to October 2)
  10. Good Boye Guild, by Megan Mckay. (Tapas, Jan 14 to December 22)
  11. Housepets!, by Rick Griffin.(Internet, January 1 to December 30)
  12. Kevin & Kell, by Bill Hollbrook. (Internet, January 1 to December 31)
  13. Life Besides the Tracks, by KCFox Studios (ComicFurryWebcomic Hosting, October 15 to December 30)
  14. Litterbox Comics, by Chesca and J. Hause (Internet, January 6 to December 31)
  15. Rabbits Against Magic, by Jonathan Lemon. (Go Comics, January 1 to December 31)
  16. Savestate, by Tim Weeks. (Internet; January 1 to December 30)
  17. Snail Diaries, (Patreon page) by Grace Gogarty (Instagram, January 22 to December 31)
  18. The Summoning, Elyse Castro (Instagram, January 5 - December 25)
  19. Tomcat Comix by Julia Samborski. (Internet, January 3 to December 25)
  20. Two Lumps, by J. Grant and Mel Hynes. (Keenspot, January 1 to December 31)
  21. The Whiteboard, by Doc N. (Internet, January 1 to December 24)

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Magazine

           [Edited collections of creative and/or informational works by various people, professional or amateur, published in print or online in written, pictorial or audio-visual form.]

  1. Bearly Furcasting, by Taebyn. (Internet; podcast 1 to 35)
  2. Deep Sky Anchor Podcast, by Mary E. Lowd, (Internet, August 23 to November 1)
  3. Dogpatch Press (January 6 to December 31)
  4. The Dragget Show by Alkalai and Xander. (Podcast, January 1 to September 18)
  5. Flayrah, edited by GreenReaper. (Internet; January 1 to December 31)
  6. Furry Writer's Guild, edited by Literalgrill. (Internet, January to December ) (Monthly publication of the FWG, sponsors of the COYOTL awards)
  7. InFurNation, edited by Rod O'Riley. (Internet; January 1 to December 31)
  8. Pocari Roo, YouTube videos. (Jan 11 to December 25)
  9. The Voice of Dog, by Khaki. (Podcast, March 14 to December 28)
  10. Zooscape, (Internet; Issue 6 - 9)

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Published Illustration

           [Illustrations for books, magazines, convention program books, cover art for such, coffee table portfolios.]

  1. A_Blue_Deer, A Night At The Fair, FurAffinity, October 10.
  2. Adrian, Summer Night's Miracle, Twitter, October 25.
  3. Aidlank, Let's have some spacewalk, Twitter, August 17.
  4. AlectorFencer, I saw my world burn to the ground but I stand strong against the flames, Twitter, July 3
  5. Anabel, Caged Heart, Furaffinity, April 9.
  6. Anabel, Rule of Law, Furaffinity, January 27.
  7. Anabel, Stained Glass: Dave, Furaffinity, February 8.
  8. Angiewolf, Crossover piece, Twitter, September 7.
  9. Art_of_silverfox, Commission for a little plague doctor, Instagram, March 13.
  10. Art_of_silverfox, Itadakimasu!, Instagram, March 14.
  11. Art_of_silverfox, Marshal, Instagram, May 21.
  12. Aruurara, Procreate, Twitter, August 4.
  13. Ashley A Adams, Sir Monty, the Good Boy, Artstation, August 11.
  14. Balderdash94123, Comforting, Twitter, August 10.
  15. Batonya12561, cover wraparound art for Further Off the Mark (Self, February 24)
  16. Brethesheep, Doggone, Newsgrounds, February 9.
  17. Bubblewolf, Paintwork, Furaffinity, August 4.
  18. Colodraws, Smile, Twitter, July 30.
  19. Dakotadrawspaws, Cassidy Civet, Furaffinity, December 4.
  20. DantesLune, Trying out some new things in Photoshop, Twitter, September 29.
  21. Disgustingsirf, Dusk Stars, Newsgrounds, March 19.
  22. Maya Dumas, Cottage home comission for Furaffinity, Twitter, August 1.
  23. Foxer421, TAKE OFF YOUR HEADSET!!, Twitter, November 28.
  24. Foxinajacket, Reika Fox, Twitter, April 22.
  25. FtK-Artist, Binge Watch, Newsgrounds, February 13.
  26. Grimmuza, [C] Shake This Place, Furaffinity, March 27.
  27. Gulaschkanone, Looking, Twitter, October 16
  28. Himalayaa, untitled, Twitter, February 1.
  29. Jeniak, the truth is stranger than my own worst dreams, Twitter, September 14.
  30. Jonas Jödicke, cover, Selections of Anthropomorphic Regalements: Vol 1, Goal publications, August 31.
  31. KaalaTheWolf, Under the reflectors, Furaffinity,May 26.
  32. KaporiMason, it's all in the mind, Twitter, September 17.
  33. Karasuno, Amy Baking, Twitter, Feb 13.
  34. Kkyattyu, Wide Mouse Pad Work, Twitter, January 30.
  35. Leroleroart, Beastars, Twitter, March 6.
  36. Lofi, Cheers, Furaffinity, January 24.
  37. Maggephah, cover, On The Mark, October 23.
  38. MapleLucario, [Liam] The Tribe Has Spoken, Furaffinity, August 15.
  39. Marenlicious, Friendship was magic, Twitter, October 13.
  40. Miles-DF, Upgrade, Furaffinity, June 19.
  41. Minato, Cooking, Twitter, August 10.
  42. Multyashka-sweet, Carniveil, Furaffinity, June 30.
  43. Nelnal, Noisy Room, Twitter, July 29.
  44. Nikingply, Join us! we have cookies, Twitter, August 21.
  45. PaulMcIcedTea, Nyandroid Chrome Edition, Twitter, October 14.
  46. Ratmeat, lazy days, Twitter, September 15.
  47. Redoutfox, Family Outing, Newsgrounds, July 13.
  48. Red_snow-leopard, Habitat,Twitter, August 1.
  49. RelaxableArt, Sequestered Overlook, Deviant Art, September 29.
  50. Stasya Sher, submission for Cartoon Zine, Twitter, August 15.
  51. Stedilnik, Legoshi Enters A Diner - Panel 73, Twitter, April 19.
  52. Stedilnik, Someone lit a candle for her, Pillowfort, November 1.
  53. Stopsignal, Sunset Rat, Newsgrounds, February 14.
  54. Tono, Afternoon Tea, Twitter, August 5.
  55. TonPony, It's gamer time!, Twitter, December 4.
  56. Tyson Tan, splash image for Krita 4.3, June 18
  57. Wolf, Never Be Silenced - Howl Out, Twitter, January 27.
  58. Wazzledorf, The Cursed Creation of Cortex, Newsgrounds, September 5.
  59. Xieril, Summer Decree, Twitter, September 12.
  60. Yejomo, aggressive girl!, Twitter, Sept 8.
  61. Tris Yuvienco, She's a big girl now, Twitter, April 20.
  62. Tris Yuvienco, They're back babeyyyy, Twitter, April 5.
  63. Tris Yuvienco, Wild Side, Twitter, July 31.
  64. Zevania, A fox adventurer.., Twitter, November 18.
  65. Chrissie Zullo, Exclusive Spring Convention Variant Art Cover, Aggretsuko #1(Oni Press) March 8.

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Game

           [Computer or console games, role-playing games, board games. No prereleases, just the finished version.]

  1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Developer and Publisher: Nintendo; March 20)
  2. Bird Alone (Developer and Publisher: George Batchelor; June 15)
  3. Chicken Police (Developer/Publisher The Wild Gentlemen; November 5) Mature Audiences.
  4. Cindr (Created by Curt Covert; September 23)
  5. Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time (Developer: Toys for Bob, Publisher: Activision; October 2)
  6. Devil Express (Developer and Publisher: Bad Pet; March 31)
  7. Fight Crab (Developer: Calappa Games; Publisher: Mastiff (licensed to Nintendo); September 15)
  8. Helltaker (Developer and Publisher: vanripper; May 11)
  9. Here to Slay (Created by Ramy Badie; July 22)
  10. Kemono Heroes (Developer/Publisher: Mad Gear Games, February 27)
  11. Lycanthorn (Developer/Publisher: Scumhead, October 10)
  12. Mad Rat Dead (Developer: Nippon Ichi Software; Publisher: NIS America; October 30)
  13. Magic Cat Academy 2 (Developer/Publisher: Google)
  14. Maneater (Developer and Publisher: Tripwire Interactive; May 22)
  15. Munchkin Tails (Created by Steve Jackson Games; June 2020)
  16. Ori and the Will of the Wisps (Developer and Publisher: Moon Studios; March 11)
  17. The Otterman Empire (Developer and Publisher: Tri-Heart Interactive; July 1)
  18. Roman's Christmas (Developer: apoto5, Publisher: Yogurt game Milk Bottle Studio; Feb 18)
  19. Root (Developer and Publisher: Dire Wolf; September 24)
  20. Shantae and the Seven Sirens (Developer and Publisher: WayForward Games, May 28)
  21. Spiritfarer (Developer and Publisher: Thunder Lotus Games; August 17)
  22. Super Animal Royale (Developer/Publisher: Pixile Studios, 2020)
  23. Tamarin (Developer and Publisher: Chameleon Games; September 10)
  24. Them's Fightin' Herds (Developer: Mane6, Publisher: Humble Games; April 30)
  25. Trials of Mana (Developer and Publisher: Square Enix; April 24)
  26. XCOM: Chimera Squad (Developer: Firaxis Games; Publisher: 2K; April 24)

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Website

           [Online collections of art, stories, and other creative and/or informational works. Includes galleries, story archives, directories, blogs, and personal sites.]

  1. AngelDust, Angie_fluffy_bootz, Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss character.
  2. Ask Papabear, furry advice column.
  3. Blitzo , Blitzorodeo, Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss character.
  4. Born To Glow, Lux Operon studio
  5. CharlieandVaggie, Hotel Management, Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss character.
  6. CherriBomb, Bomingbitchbabe, Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss character.
  7. The Dealers' Den, Furry fandom stores and auctions.
  8. Dhole Moments, Soatok, blog.
  9. Equestria Daily, My Little Pony community, news, art, blogs et al.
  10. Fimfiction, My Little Pony fanfiction.
  11. Fur Affinity, Furry community.
  12. Furry Life Online, Furry online community.
  13. Furry Mystery Box, Mystery Box.
  14. Furry Today, Daily furry videos.
  15. Fursuit Wiki, info on building, maintaining and performing in furry costumes.
  16. Fuzznet Music, Furry music netlabel
  17. Hero Forge see also, custom miniatures of many species for gaming, etc.
  18. Howl Out, by Wolf. Stickers, tshirts and prints.
  19. Husk, Bar_cat75, Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss character.
  20. Kemono Cafe, Webcomic Community Hosting.
  21. Little Daisy Cafe, Lackadaisy Animation Dev. Log Page.
  22. Loona, Moonlight_howling_666, Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss character.
  23. Millie, Beautymarkbabe666, Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss character.
  24. Moxxie, Simply moxxie, Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss character.
  25. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki, My Little Pony Wiki.
  26. Niffty, babyfeathrdustr, Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss character.
  27. SoFurry, Furry arts.
  28. Stolas, daddy_hoothoot, Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss character.
  29. They Are Smol, by TinyPrancingHorse. Continuing story.
  30. Valentino, moth_pimp, Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss character.
  31. Velvet, radvelvetcakes, Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss character.
  32. Vox, Voxtagram_8k, Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss character.

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Costume a.k.a. Fursuit

  1. Asomiakanawa
    Maker: Remimakes
    Owner/Wearer: Asomiakanawa
    Displayed online August 2.

  2. Cadaver 2.0
    Maker/Owner/Wearer: Wingedwolf94
    Displayed online July 29.

  3. Cassidy Civet
    Maker: Blue Wolf Studios
    Owner/Wearer: Cassidy Civet
    Photographed at VancouFur 2020, March 7.

  4. Clice
    Maker: Roofur
    Owner/Wearer: PandaClice
    Displayed online on October 24.

  5. Deacon
    Maker/Owner/Wearer: Demiwolf Designs
    Displayed online July 24.

  6. Digi
    Maker: Remimakes
    Owner/Wearer: f_ginji
    Displayed online on October 19.

  7. Elephant (The Masked Singer - Season Three)
    Maker: Marina Toybina
    Owner: FOX
    Wearer: Tony Hawk
    Displayed on TV February 19.

  8. Frog (The Masked Singer - Season Three)
    Maker: Marina Toybina
    Owner: FOX Wearer: Bow Wow
    Displayed on TV February 19.

  9. Gromm the Smilodon Populator
    Maker/Owner/Wearer: Kitsune Illusions
    Displayed online July 16.

  10. Hedgehog (The Masked Singer UK - Series 1)
    Maker: Plunge Creations
    Owner: ITV Wearer: Jason Mansford
    Displayed on TV January 4.

  11. Inutami Luki the Saluki
    Maker: Kotoori Works
    Owner/Wearer: Inutami Luki
    Displayed Online August 7.

  12. Kitty (The Masked Singer - Season Three)
    Maker: Marina Toybina
    Owner: FOX
    Wearer: Jackie Evancho
    Displayed on TV February 19.

  13. Legoshi (AKA Grey Wolf)
    Maker: Bardic Bestiary
    Owner: whoever won the auction
    Wearer: No idea. (anybody?)
    Displayed online July 27.

  14. Pique AKA Bunley
    Maker: FursuitsByLacy
    Owner/Wearer: BuckleyDeer
    Displayed online Feburary 28.

  15. Queblock
    Maker: CFS Studios
    Owner/Wearer: Queblock
    Displayed online (modeled by Jake) July 9.

  16. SYNTH
    Maker/Owner/Wearer: Raptor's Den
    Displayed online August 14.

  17. Toriel
    Maker/Owner/Wearer: Nautilus2000
    Displayed online on September 12.

  18. Twix the Fox
    Maker: Starry Kitsune
    Owner/Wearer: Twixyfloof
    Displayed online June 16.

  19. White Tiger (The Masked Singer - Season Three)
    Maker: Marina Toybina
    Owner/Wearer: FOX, player Rob Gronokowski
    Displayed on TV February 2.

  20. Xif
    Maker/Owner/Wearer: lutamesta
    Displayed on the Japan Fursuit Creators runway August 28

  21. Zigc the Khajiit
    Maker: Inerri Creatures
    Owner/Wearer: Zigc The Khagiit
    Displayed online July 3.

TOC     Recommended Anthropomorphic Miscellany

  1. 2021 Faux Pas calendar. by Robert and Margaret Carspecken. Calendar.
  2. ALL MY HEART, by GOJII. Album.
  3. Bugs Bunny Stamps, by the US Postal Service.
  4. Canines vs Felines from Fursona pins. Kickstarter, enamel pins.
  5. Cassidy Civet's music. on Spotify.
  6. Creature Comforts, by Kids Table Board Games. Kickstarter for board game.
  7. Double Take, by Cassidy Civet. Debut Album.
  8. The Furry Ofrenda, created by ChangaLion.
  9. Good Furry Award. Award nominations sought.
  10. Lackadaisy Art Book/Short Film, by Iron Spike. Kickstarter.
  11. New Horizons, the Anthrology Vol II musical album.
  12. Peepoodo & The Super Fuck Friends, by Bobby Pills. Kickstarter for Season 2.
  13. Sakura, by Cassidy Civet. Song.
  14. SCADfurs, Twitter page of SCAD furs club.
  15. Summer 2020 Collection, by Mäul. Apparel, clothing.
  16. TheMrAMP, Social media coordinator.
  17. VirtualFurence Furry Convention Project, created by Reimajo.